Fear Not! Even in Guyana


The warning above came from my fellow passenger as our jetliner landed late one night in 1982 in Guyana, South America.

I remembered that warning­ as I folded myself into the tiny taxi. Would the driver take me down the 20 miles of dark road to Georgetown, capital of Guyana… or would I be robbed, killed and my corpse thrown into a dark ditch? These were the thoughts that haunted me as the taxi driver sped away from the airport.

As I earnestly prayed, God made me realize that should I die, I might just as well first preach the gospel to this taxi-driver. So I began to preach Christ and Him crucified to this stranger who might have been a potential thief and murderer. I thought he might repent and be born again. I was not pre­pared for his reaction to my preaching. He said, “Praise the Lord! I am a born-again believer and self-supporting pastor!” From then on, our fellowship was sweet and my driver and I often gave thanks to our Lord. My new friend asked me to preach to his lovely congregation, all jet black and speaking English with a very crisp British accent. (Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America.) As I ministered the Living Word, God was with us, and many came forward at the close of the service.

Had I been silent, I would have shivered in fear all the way to town. But because I preached the Gospel to this taxi-driver, God blessed me with the privilege of also preaching in his church.

Truly, “All things work together for good for them that love God.”  (Romans 8:28a).

Jesus also said, “Fear not!”

Dear reader,  you may wish to pray with me as follows:

Heavenly Father, thank You that fearing You I am delivered from all other fears.

You loved me first and made it so easy for me to love You.         You cause all things to work together for my good, just as You said You would.

Make me like Daniel, so that when I read your Word, I will seek You and ask You to do what in Your Word You promise to.      In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

From Praying God’s Word – Chapter 12

Updates from Cuba

Starting in the 1990’s Fred was significantly involved with Cuba.  The Lord has continued to move strongly in Cuba through many brothers and sisters in Christ including some key workers who Fred helped to disciple.  Since 2009, a project to evangelize the whole country has reached many Cubans with many new believers added to the house of God.  The work is ongoing to evangelize the entire island country.

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