Authority – Persuasions to a New Viewpoint

Authority of Church Leadership – How Much Authority is Delegated?

Let’s review our understanding the distinctions of delegation in different God-Ordained realms like home, work, citizenship and then compare this to what exists in the church setting.

Punishment in the Bible – Evidence of the Limitations of Authority on Those Leading

To emphasize the points made in the previous section, let’s look much closer at the subject of punishment in the Word of God and further emphasize the limitations of authority for those who are leading.

Not of Command, But Out of Love – God’s Way is Helping, Not Demanding

The Bible is clearly weighted towards the approach of appealing to people to willingly come into a right relationship with God. It is clearly weighted away from demanding this by command. This is just the way God is. He loves His people and wants them to come into a loving relationship with Him, but not by over lording and commanding (leading to subservience), but by appealing (leading to a willing and chosen love).

Balancing our View Point – Commands Between Believers Do Exist

The approach of appealing addressed in the previous section has some boundaries. Paul demonstrates these in several cases which should be reviewed closely and understood, so that we know when appealing may need to stop and insistence begins. It is important to note that this switch from appealing to commanding is not special to leadership in the church. It is applicable for all members of the body of Christ regardless of gifting.

Moses’ Authority – Refined Understanding of Moses’ Role

It is almost impossible to broach the subjects of leadership, authority and submission without the topic of Moses and his authority coming up. Moses is used as the prototypical example of how God has clearly delegated his authority to men. Many go even further and use Moses to establish or defend the essential need for hierarchical authority in the church setting. Let’s review this in light of a more informed view of delegation and authority in the church. Let’s also look at some additional facets which help to establish another view which helps to balance our understanding.