Books & Writings of Fred Malir

Genesis of Fred’s Books and Writings

All of my (Fred’s) books have come out of experiencing God.  First I began to testify about my experiences with Him.  Then I wrote them up.  For example, in 1961, after seeing how much my testimony and love story with Ann was blessing congregations wherever I preached, the Lord began stirring me to write it up as a little booklet.  Eventually, a brother (Jeff L) read it, liked it, and printed the first edition of many printings of “A Christian Love Story” describing the amazing way in which God answered my prayer to make me fall in love with Christ in the girl of His choice for me.

The Lord began pressing me to write Christian books.  Who, me?  I have only an elementary school education!  But God insisted.  He reminded me that John, a mere Jewish fisherman, wrote the Gospel of John, 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John and the grand finale of the Bible, the book of Revelation, the best literature in the world.  By His enabling me, I have written 9 books in English, 8 in Spanish, and 1 in Portuguese.  They have become a blessing to thousands of readers.  Shouldn’t I thank God that He could do this in spite of my lack of scholastic training?

Go had revealed to me so much about Christ as the Bridegroom and the church as the bride, that increasingly I preached on this theme and on marriage from God’s point of view.  Out of that naturally followed my typing what God had revealed to me in His Word.  I brought my manuscript to Jeff L, and he printed my first full-length book title: “Be 1000 times happier in your marriage”.  Jeff and his wife were so greatly blessed by reading it that she said: “Everybody in the church should read this book!”

During 1982 to 1984, I was preaching and teaching in congregations in the U.S. and abroad.  I had many wonderful experiences with the Lord.  This was such a growing blessing that I wrote them up in a series of separate articles.  Eventually, they became material for several of my books.

I had so many answers to prayers in my missionary travels that I wrote them up in 5 books, titled

  • “Talking with God” (What God speaks to you in His Word, you speak to Him in prayer.)
  • “Praying God’s Word” (To help you talk with God in His Own Words.)
  • “Dialogues with God” (Enjoy lively dialogues with God.)
  • “Conversing with God” (Listen to the Father talking with His Son.)
  • “Communing with God” (The many in history that have talked with Him.)

In 1985 I went with a large number of Christians to preach in the Dominican Republic.  After the plane landed, all the others were picked up by their Dominican hosts.  Suddenly I panicked, thinking that I had been left behind.  However a black Dominican came up to me.  He was the last driver left, and he took me to my destination.  We enjoyed lively fellowship, and I discovered he was a printer!  He was so distressed by the evil rise of sexual aberrations in Latin America that he got profoundly interested in the Spanish manuscript of my book on Christian marriage.  He printed two beautiful editions for me in the Dominican Republic.  That became my first book printed in Spanish.

When our daughter Amy was little, she would snuggle in my lap and say, “Daddy, tell me a story!”  This occurred so often that soon I ran out of Bible stories and library stories.  Amy did not accept that, so I was forced to invent my own stories, making them up as I was narrating them to her.  For some strange reason, Amy liked these stories the best.

Many years later, Amy was still insistent.  This time she wanted me to write the stories that I used to tell her, so that she could read them to her children.  She also felt other children ought to hear these stories too!  I accepted the challenge.  Jeff L designed the cover and printed the first edition of “Teensy the flea”.  It’s my first children’s book, a modern day parable to help children believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Full of tender love, gripping action, dramatic suspense, it is outrageously funny!  A delightful story recommend for the young at heart between the ages of 9 to 99.  Read it, laugh and enjoy!

During my life I went through much suffering until God caused me to live in the joy of the Lord.  This enabled me to help Christians to live in Christ and to let Christ liven in them.  Then, what they do is Christ doing it in them, for them, through them, and to the Heavenly Father’s glory!  This became such an increasingly joyful experience of Christ that I wrote a book about it and titled it: “JOY! – Be at least 1000 times happier”.

A Brazilian author read my book on marriage in English.  She was so blessed by it that she translated it into Portuguese and printed a beautiful edition in a city called Vitoria, in the state of Spiritu Santo, Brazil.  The names of that Brazilian city and state actually mean VICTORY IN THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Awesome!

Now what? I have already been in 50 countries and preached Christ and Him crucified in many cultures and ethnic groups.  Now God is also urging my wife and I to write our autobiography with God!  It takes 3 strands of hair to make a braid.  So God, Ann and I are now weaving 3 braids together, chapter after chapter.  A good title might be: “3 Christian biographies braided into one.”  Three as one!  You will be blessed reading it!  We are being blessed writing it!  And God is being blessed in having a free hand to work Himself into us an express Himself through us all–including YOU!

In His Hug,

Fred and Ann Malir