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This site contains a number of Fred Malir’s books packaged into blog format.  Most of Fred’s books are small, short books written in a style that is similar to modern website blog posts, but came before internet blogging existed.  The postings on this site are published with the express permission of Fred Malir.

These books were published in blog format shortly after Fred went home to be with the Lord in January 2017. There are over 100 blog entries each of which is some or all of a chapter from one of Fred’s books.

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A. Laymans Feed

Alan Layman (aka A. Layman) is a pseudonym. Most of A. Laymans writing is done by one person, but there is some that is from other authors. Most of these blog entries are from the experiences of walking with the Lord and coming to understand a number of important subjects in our time.

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