Worshipping God the “Right Way”

This is a brief introductory post to a series of posts about worshipping God the “Right Way”. It is a bit dangerous to put forward something and call it the “Right Way”. It seemed this was the best way to share these posts. They all come from a period of time in the Spring of 2019 when the Lord gave me a tremendous amount of insight about two portions of Scripture.

Most of these posts were written in 2019. In 2021, God brought this subject back to the forefront. I reviewed them in 2021 and felt that something was missing. After some prayer, the Lord helped me to finish one of the postings and to add a beginning and ending to this series of posts. At that point, I felt it was complete.

At the end of each of these posts are links to the subsequent posts in this series. All the links are included here for convenience.

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