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Talking with God

  1. Talk With Me!
  2. You Don’t Know What to Do? Ask God!
  3. How I Was Robbed–And Wasn’t
  4. Ask of Me and I Shall Give You
  5. Finding Favor in the Eyes of Authorities
  6. God Promised It, But You Must Pray
  7. God Does Nothing Without Telling Someone
  8. Learning to Hear God
  9. Intimate Friendship with God
  10. God’s Promises Bless You and Others
  11. Hearken to God’s Word
  12. A True Love Story
  13. Jesus Only Spoke What the Father Told Him
  14. The Beggar’s Tin Cup
  15. Our Greatest Treasure is God’s Presence
  16. Wielding the Sword of the Holy Spirit
  17. The Last Prayer in the Bible
  18. The Flight of the Bumblebee
  19. The Lordship of Jesus Christ

Praying God’s Word

  1. The Original Equipment
  2. Real Humility in Romania
  3. I Don’t Know What to Pray For
  4. The Great Finder in Belize
  5. God, You Said…
  6. Sudden Death in Uruguay
  7. All the Promises of God are Valid in Him
  8. Persistent Praying in Mexico
  9. My Daddy!
  10. Lost and Found in Poland
  11. God’s Reminders
  12. Fear Not! Even in Guyana
  13. A Missionary Reward
  14. True Charities
  15. Feasting on a Crumb
  16. An Excellent Christmas Gift
  17. Partakers of God’s Divine Nature
  18. Be Instant in Season and Out of Season
  19. Overcoming the Devil
  20. Take the Last Seat
  21. Be More Than Victorious
  22. The Gang Leader
  23. The Yearning of the Bride of Christ
  24. Seven Illiterate Gypsies in Spain
  25. You Can Know You Have!

Dialogues with God

  1. God’s Presence
  2. Curing Unbelief While Increasing Faith
  3. Worshippers of the Goddess of the Sea
  4. Restoring Your Devastated Years
  5. A Guerilla Finds Christ
  6. Removing Mountains With Real Gusto
  7. Argentina’s Home Churches
  8. The Key to the Lord’s Prayer
  9. Capoeira, the Art of Brazilian Wrestling
  10. Overhearing the Triune God
  11. Fleas!
  12. God’s Still, Small Voice
  13. The Flight of the Bumblebee
  14. How Many Are God’s Promises?
  15. God Delivers Us From Our Enemies
  16. Develop a Positive From a Negative
  17. God’s Commandments Are Enablements
  18. Contact God When Reading His Word
  19. Let the Word of God Come Personally

Conversing with God

  1. Eating God’s Word
  2. A Courageous Little Woman
  3. Fellowship With the Father and Son
  4. The Jesus Freak That Wasn’t
  5. Listen to the Father Talking with His Son
  6. The Prayers and Answers Ledger
  7. The Sure Way to Overcome Satan
  8. A Painting in a Shop Window
  9. The Sovereignty of God
  10. The Unexpected
  11. Total Oneness With God
  12. The Harpist
  13. You Can Get Anything You Ask For in Prayer
  14. God is With Us
  15. Blast Them!
  16. The Empty Wallet
  17. What to Pray For Other Believers
  18. The Gardener in Chile
  19. A Very Short Prayer
  20. Pray the Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed
  21. A Time to Live and a Time to Die
  22. Praise God Wholeheartedly

Communing with God

  1. Religious Protocol
  2. Locked Doors? Use the Master Key!
  3. Hell’s Gate Pulpit
  4. God’s Words in You
  5. Focusing on Christ
  6. When Everything Else Had Failed
  7. A Bit of History
  8. Some Talked With God
  9. Unencumbered
  10. Travel Now to Eternity Past and Future
  11. Finding What God Wants You to Do

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