Concept – Who or What Is Israel?

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It is very common to hear Bible teachers speak about Israel versus The Church. This is commonly referred to when considering prophetic scripture and things about the End Times. Thinking about Israel and The Church as two entirely distinct entities is the basis for various type of deceptions. In this writing we will relook at this subject.

Be prepared to have your understanding broken down. Be prepared that breaking down your understanding of the conceptual relationship between Israel and The Church has implications that affect your understanding of the End Times and who the targets (i.e. audiences) of End Times scriptures. Realigning your understanding does affect your understanding of the so called “Rapture”. I refer to it as the so called “Rapture”, because this is another subject of much deception. The “Rapture” won’t be specifically addressed, but once the relationship between Israel and The Church changes you have to revisit a number of End Times teachings and realign them with an updated understanding.

Reference: Audiences of God

This topic relies on some ideas that come from another article on the Audiences of God. Before trying to fully digest this article, it is recommended to review the Audiences of God

Revisiting the Title and History of Israel

Let’s start with the very name Israel. What is it and how does God use it throughout Scripture. This is fundamentally important to understanding the Bible. This may not seem important at first, but let’s start to relook at the name Israel and understand a few key core aspects of how God uses the name.

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