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The blog entries shown below in table format are set (mostly) in order of when I heard and/or understood them. The Lord has been progressively sharing portions of scripture and leading me in specific studies in the Word of God.  The Lord has also led me step by step through various experiences that have opened my eyes to see our situation in the United States.  Lastly, the Lord has drawn my attention to specific events of significance from His point of view related to America and the church in America.

Much of this communication from God has occurred alongside my participation in God’s work in Cuba. Taken together these entries represent a significant portion of my testimony of walking with the Lord starting in 2001 until the present.

Some of the following communication from the Lord came through others and some of them directly to me or based on my personal experience in walking with the Lord.  I have included significant items like Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger books because of the strong witness I had in me from the Lord about the underlying truth communicated.  I did not have a 100% witness of agreement with everything in his books, but I did have a high degree of agreement.

I have also added in cursory reports from Cuba and other key events that have occurred that I understood related to the Lord’s communication to me.

The Bible instructs all believers:

“Do not quench the Spirit.  Do not despise prophecies, but examine (i.e. test) all things; Hold fast to that which is good.”

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 (LEB)

This is how I have endeavored to handle the information and communication from the Lord and others. I encourage the reader to do the same with the materials on this site.

Final Comment

As I step back from what I have written here, I realize I am sharing a lot.  In most cases, I have shared as succinctly as possible.  I also realize that I share from a perspective that will surprise (or even shock) some who read this.  Before you read this, please take a moment to visit with the Lord in your heart about two things:

  1. Give God permission to work in your life to hear the things I have written which match with God’s point of view.
  2. Ask God to help you see and repent for anything He helps you to hear from what I share.

In summary, it is not my attempt to persuade you with these writings.  I am sharing what I have seen and understood as a solemn witness before the Lord and I am hoping you hear and respond to the Lord.

Note: There are a few items that are not in time order from top to bottom, but most of the following items are in sequential time order.

Testimonial Timeline

Sept 11, 2001 –
Sept 2011
September 11th Attack & The First Harbinger Book
Key Event: Sept 11th, 2001 – God speaks to my heart, “It Has Begun”
Key Items after September 11th (Tom Daschle & The Harbinger)
– Sept 2011: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn – National Witness to American Church
Jan 2004 –
Fall 2009
Two Moves, Witnessing Two National Idols
– Jan 2004 – Move to Washington DC & the National Idol connected to George Washington
– Sept 2009 – Move to Charlottesville, VA & the National Idol connected to Thomas Jefferson
Summer 2005Focusing on the Lord’s House
Build My House First (Haggai 1)
Early 2007 –
Fall 2008
Global Judgment – Zechariah 5 & Housing Market Crash
– Early 2007 – Upcoming Judgment on Thieves & Those Walk Falsely as Christians (Zechariah 5)
– Key Event: Housing Market Crash & Financial Crisis
Fall 2009 –
Spring 2010
Invited to Participate in Rebuilding the Lord’s House
Connecting with the Work in Cuba through Fred Malir
Transfer of Responsibility for Work in Cuba
Spring 2012 –
Called to Study Leadership & Authority in the Church
Digging into Authority in the Church (2 Timothy 2:15)
Winter 2012 –
Early 2013

Understanding the Apostasy in the Church
Understanding Paul in 1 Timothy 4:1 – Part 1 (Seducing spirits & Doctrines of demons)
Understanding Paul in 1 Timothy 4:1 – Part 2 (Holy Spirit specifically predicts apostasy)
– Understanding Paul in 1 Timothy 4:1 – Part 3 (Departing/falling away from the faith)

By Fall of 2013National Witnesses Testify to America and the Church in America
Testimony of Two or Three Witnesses Given to America (Deut 19:15)
1. Jonathan Cahn through The Harbinger Book
2. Dianne Ready from the Dias of the House of Representatives (Location of State of Union Speech)
Aug 2013 – Feb 2014State of the House – Fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel & Parallels to the Present
– Primer: Word Pictures, Utterance of Knowledge (1 Cor 2:11-13) & Old Testament Israel as Pictures of Us (1 Cor 10)
– Context: Relevant History leading up to Fall of Northern Kingdom
– Northern Kingdom Conditions & Brief Visual History
– God’s Speaking to the Northern Kingdom and Key Themes
– The Assyrians: God’s Instrument of Discipline on North
– Application:
— Consider Your Ways Across Generations
— Measure Idolatry from God’s Point of View
— Consider Taking God’s Prescription for Laodicea
Feb – Mar 2014Repeated Warning From the Lord – Be Awake, Be Prepared
Three Weekends, Repeated Warning (Luke 21:36, Rev 22:12)
May 2014Breath of Life from God
– Proclamation: Breath of Life into Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14) [coming soon]
May 2016Christians Called to Serve, Not Just Seek to be in His Presence
May 2016 – Hearkening Hill: Seeking God’s Face While He Wants Us to Serve (Isaiah 58:1-11) [coming soon]
Nov 2018 –
Jan 2019

Seeing the Lord’s House Being Rebuilt, New Ministries of the Lord for America
– November 9-16, 2018 – SEEING THE REBUILDING – Team Trip to Cuba [coming soon]– November 17, 2018 – SERVE THOSE IN NEED – Walking the path of Isaiah 58 [coming soon]

Nov 2018 –
Jan 2019

Seeing the Lord’s House Being Rebuilt, New Ministries of the Lord for America
– November 9-16, 2018 – SEEING THE REBUILDING – Team Trip to Cuba
– November 17, 2018 – SERVE THOSE IN NEED – Walking the path of Isaiah 58
– November 18, 2018 – CLEANSING AND HEALING – Proclamation: Reforms of King Josiah (2 Kings 23:1-20)
– November 21, 2018 – DELIVERANCE – Deliverance from the Enemy’s Snare (Psalm 91:1-4; 124:1-8; 141:1-10)
– January 12, 2019 – WORSHIPPING GOD – Gathering of Believers for Praise & Worship

Jan – Feb 2019Signs related to Global Judgment – Amos 3:1-15 & COVID-19
– Jan 20-21, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse with Meteor Strike on the Moon
– Jan 26, 2019 – F4 Tornado on the ground for 7 miles in Havana, Cuba
– Feb 1, 2019 – Meteor Explosion over Viñales, Cuba (Trumpet from God)
– Nov 2020-? – COVID-19 affects the whole world with emphasis on Americas (North & South)
Apr – Jun 2019The Need to Worship God the “Right Way”
– The Need to Worship God the “Right Way”
– Worshipping the “Right Way” (1 Chronicles 11-16)
– What is the “Right Way”?
– The “Right Way” – Salvation, Healing & Strengthening (Exodus 15)
– The “Right Way” – Eat Healthy (Exodus 16)
– The “Right Way” – Drink Living Water (Exodus 17)
Apr 2020 –
Sep 2021

Another Judgment Coming – Famine? (Scope: America? Global?)
Timing: unknown, but most prophetic words I have heard over the past 10-15 years have happened within about a year
– April 7-8, 2020 – Book: The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn
– March 14-16, 2021 – Ezekiel 14
– March 16, 2021 – Ezekiel 33
– April 6, 2021 – Isaiah 3
– July 2021 – Genesis 26:1 (Spoken Twice)
– July 2021-Sept 2021 – Habbakuk 2 (Spoken 8 or 9 times including starting with 4 days in a row in July)
– Sept 20, 2021 – Micah 3



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