Another Coming Judgment? – Famine

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Part 1 – Famine!?!

I need to explain. Yes, this is about a famine which will affect the United States of America. Yes, I believe I have heard this from the Lord in His speaking to me this year (2021). Yes, I believe it applies to America (in part or on the whole). Yes, I believe I hear things from the Lord and very rarely they are for things before they happen. Yes, I believe I have handled what I am hearing responsibly. I started hearing this in March 2021. Because of the seriousness of this topic, it is important to “test” what is being heard. I have misheard before. I have also heard properly before, but misinterpreted.

In this case, I feel responsibility to share with others.

With this writing, I am doing my best to give others the chance to hear what I am saying. I am not just speaking to take care of my responsibility, but in hopes that you will take what I am sharing seriously and pursue God for the purpose confirming or denying what I am sharing.

I Know What You Might Be Thinking…

I understand the reaction a lot of people could have to what I am sharing. So, before I go further I want to carefully give you something that might help your mind to begin to consider what I am saying. Take a brief look at these two articles. They concern drought in the western United States happening in 2021.

I heard God say to me that famine was coming before I read about it in the news, so news reports are not my motivation. After I heard the Lord, I asked Him for confirmation of what I was hearing from Him. This is when I began to find the news reports. I began to look at this drought more closely. This may also help you to consider what I am sharing a little more closely.

While searching for information about the west coast drought, add to your search: “supply chain”. This
may be indicative of coming food shortages as well.

Confirmation – Test All Things

In July 2021 I took a family vacation trip to the west coast. Before my trip, I heard a small reference to drought in the west on the news. This trip was a real eye-opener. During and after my trip I started looking at the drought more closely.

In fact, this drought may not lead to famine. Significant rainfall in the west could mitigate a drought. However, other factors can spawn a famine: I rely more on what God says to me than any news reports.

What I Have Done to Confirm

To the best of my ability, I have “tested” what I have heard. My “testing” is not scientific. It is “testing” my hearing to try to rule out any weakness on my part in hearing from God. I have spent some time going through this process.

I asked the Lord to verify that it was him speaking and that I wasn’t hearing anyone or anything else (including just my own thoughts) – I believe He has verified it is Him.


I asked the Lord to give me witnesses for His speaking to me about famine. I believe He has given me as many as seven different witnesses with up to four of these witnesses being “valid” and “independent” witnesses.

  • Several witnesses who are christians and who have a history of listening to and hearing the Lord accurately
  • Two witnesses who have had dreams they believe are from God and who the Lord has entrusted with accurate prophetic communication before.
    • One witness had a dream that at pointed at the scarcity of food
    • A second witness who had a repeated dream that specifically pointed at lack of food and water with dire consequences. This witness had this dream repeatedly in the same time frame that I started hearing about famine from the Lord.
    • Both of these witnesses who had dreams had them at about the same time God first started speaking to me about famine.
  • Insight gained from a family trip to the western United States (I live in the east) where I saw the western United States drought situation and began to look at what is happening there. The drought has continued and grown. The impacts on the Colorado river basin have been very significant.
  • Independent witness from an employee of a company that does urban planning related to food supply chain who believes that some kind of food supply event is coming sometime in the next several years with one possible mitigating circumstance.

I also asked the Lord to correct me and my understanding if am hearing wrong – He has not corrected me, but rather emphasized the need for me to share about this with others. Most recently, He has confirmed by witnesses more strongly what I have heard and understood about famine coming to the United States.

Who Am I?

  • I am basically nobody.
  • I have no significant credentials and I belong to no recognizable organization with any standing that would convince you that what I have to say is reputable.
  • I have walked with God as a regular attendee of some churches and outside of regular churches with a non-ministry related job.
  • I am not building or maintaining any christian ministry.

I have been taught by the Holy Spirit from the time I was a young man. The only thing special I can tell you about myself is that the Lord chose to involve me in His work in another country. He led me by His Spirit to get involved and to help over more than a decade. The work that God gave me to walk in has resulted in the salvation of more than half a million new believers being added to the Body of Christ over this time. My role was relatively small, but God enabled me to participate in the capacity He chose for me.

So, the only credential I am claiming is that I have accurately heard the voice of the Lord before when people’s lives were on the line in another country. I took action to try to help and some help has been provided. The only other credential is the Spirit of God who can speak to you and confirm or deny what I am sharing with you in this writing.

My main hope is you will take what I share and consider it before the Lord for yourself. I know many will not listen. I know some will. My prayer is that enough will listen that the consequences are lessened significantly. I can also maintain the hope that God would relent from this judgment, but from what I am understanding He is not going to relent.

What I Am Not Saying

  • I AM NOT saying that my hearing is perfect.
  • I AM NOT saying that I know when this is going to happen.
  • I AM NOT saying that I know the exact scope. I do not know if this applies to some of the United States of America, all of the United States of America or even beyond the United States of America. I do not know how severe of a famine. Is it just shortages or is it worse?

What I Am Saying

  • I AM saying that you should pray about this
  • Ask the Lord for yourself
  • Follow what He shows you to do

Personal Recommendation

  • I AM also recommending that you should follow some wisdom in light of our current situation in the world.
  • All generations before about 1950 stored some amount of food in their homes in case of a bad growing season.
  • Since then, our modern food supply chain seems to have overcome these types of interruptions in the food supply by bringing food in from many parts of the world to put on our grocery shelves.
  • COVID-19 should inform you that reliance on modern supply chains can fail.

What Is My Role, What Is Your Role?

So, I am not putting myself forward as a prophet of God. I believe that each believer has the Spirit of God within them and can prophesy accurately in response to being given an understanding or word from God. Biblically speaking, prophesying is not just about telling the future, but also speaking truth which has no aspect of time. Prophetic speaking (future or truth telling) is to be tested by members of the church.

29 Let two or three prophets speak, and the others evaluate (i.e. test). 30 And if something is revealed to another who is seated, the first must be silent. 31 For you are all able to prophesy in turn, in order that all may learn and all may be encouraged

1 Corinthians 14:29–31 (LEB)

19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not despise prophecies, 21 but examine (i.e. test) all things; hold fast to what is good.

1 Thessalonians 5:19–21 (LEB)

Part 2 – Speaking from the Lord about Famine


Here is a brief account of how the Lord has spoken to me about this matter starting in March of this year (2021).

At the same time that the Lord has been speaking to me about famine, He has also been speaking to me about some other aspects of judgment against His own people.

In fact, I have received the harshest speaking from the Lord that I have ever heard in my life during 2021. I can summarize His speaking this year in a short list.

  • Judgment against leaders for idolatry and service that is off-target (Ezekiel 14:1-11, Isaiah 3, Micah 3)
  • Rise of the Enemy of God and his forces (Habakkuk 2)
  • The need for God’s people to draw close to and follow Him (Habakkuk 2)
  • A possible series of progressive judgments against God’s people with famine included (Ezekiel 14:12-22, Isaiah 3, Genesis 26:1, Micah 3)

All of this is following the start of COVID-19. I believe God showed me about COVID-19 in February of 2019. I did not know it was going to be a sickness. Even though He spoke it to me and I wrote it down, I misinterpreted part of what He was showing me and I only saw the application to all of the America’s, but missed the global aspect of COVID-19. After COVID-19 started, I remembered what God showed me in February of 2019 and reviewed it. It was then that I saw that it was a global judgment with a particular emphasis on the America’s (north, central and south).

God’s sharing with me about COVID-19 in advance was the first time that I had ever understood something specific prophetically in advance related to a major judgment from God. I only shared what I understood with a small number of people and I did not know the specifics and I did not have any guidance from God to do anything else with what I had understood. The rest of what I understood about COVID-19 in advance is a whole different story which I may write about at another time. For me, it is a background item in my conversation with the Lord that helped to set the stage for what I am sharing now about famine.

March 14th, 2021 – A Long Distance Drive (Ezekiel 14)

In March, the situation with COVID-19 was still making air travel a bad idea, but I needed to drive to another state to deliver some things to other people related to ministry work in another country. The previous day, I traveled from my hometown to a friend’s house that would allow me to have a long one-day drive to my destination. I got up early in the morning and left. As I departed, I asked the Lord if He had anything to share with me. This is my regular habit. Sometimes there is nothing, but at various times the Lord will bring a book of the Bible and a chapter in the book to my mind. I will go to the book and chapter and read through it. In some cases, just a few verses will stand out in my mind and God will speak to my heart about some portion of the passage. In other cases, I will realize the whole chapter is relevant. On this day (March 14th, 2021), the Lord brought Ezekiel 14 to my mind. Instead of reading it, I played it using an audio Bible as I began my drive. I was shocked. It was such a strong passage. It was extremely harsh. I felt that the Lord was bringing the whole chapter to me. As I prayed about it and fellowshipped with the Lord, I had a strong sense of gravity about what I was understanding. For a period of time, I couldn’t think about much else. I listened to it several times and each time different aspects of it stood out to me. In summation, it was one of the most serious things I had ever had the Lord speak to me.

Prior to this, the Lord has spoken many things to me about his people and this country. When I have asked Him if there is anything I should do with the things He is sharing the answer has been “no”, except for me to pray about it, fellowship with him and decide if I am in agreement with what I am hearing and understanding. In other words, simply give my witness back to the Lord about what He is sharing with me. For me, this comes in the form of a simple, “amen” which means “I agree”. I have had times when I have heard things and I do not agree. In most cases, this is because I lack knowledge or understanding which the Lord subsequently gives me and then I revisit something He has previously shared with me and then I say “amen” (I agree). In summary, I just talk to God about the things He is sharing with me and I respond to what I am hearing in a personal way.

On March 14th, 2021, I was shocked by what I was hearing and understanding, but I said, “amen” (I agree) with what God was speaking to me. I knew that what was being said was accurate and needed to be applied by Him.

Read Ezekiel 14 for yourself. I will highlight two pieces here that stood out to me that day.

It is very important to note that I did not hear or understand God to be telling me about a coming famine at this time even though this passage does specifically refer to one.

3 “Son of man, these men took up their idols into their heart and they placed before themselves a stumbling block of their guilt. Should I really let myself be consulted by them? 4 Therefore speak with them, and you must say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord Yahweh: “Every person from the house of Israel who brings up his idols into his heart and places before himself a stumbling block of his guilt and yet he comes to the prophet, I Yahweh, I will respond to him through this act with respect to the multitude of his idols, 5 so that I may take hold of the house of Israel by their heart, those who are estranged from me, all of them, through their idols.’

Ezekiel 14:3–5 (LEB)

12 And the word of Yahweh came to me, saying, 13 “Son of man, when a land sins against me by acting very unfaithfully, then I will stretch out my hand against it, and I will break for it the supply of food, and I will send against it famine, and I will cut it off, both human and animal. 14 And if even the three of these men were in the midst of it—Noah, Daniel, and Job—they, through their righteousness, would save only themselves!” declares the Lord Yahweh.

Ezekiel 14:12–14 (LEB)

March 16th, 2021 – Long Distance Return Drive (Ezekiel 33)

My trip was very brief. I had a long drive to my destination. I spent one day and then I had a long drive back. The morning I left to return the Lord brought me to Ezekiel 33.

2 “Son of man, speak to your people, and you must say to them, ‘A land, if I bring over it a sword and the people of the land take a man, one from their number, and they appoint him for them as a watchman, 3 and he sees the sword coming against the land, and he blows on the horn and he warns the people, 4 and anyone who listens hears the sound of the horn and he does not take warning and the sword comes and it takes him, his blood will be on his own head. 5 For he heard the sound of the horn and he did not take warning; his blood will be on him. But if he took warning, he saved his life. 6 And as for the watchman, if he sees the sword coming and he does not blow the horn, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and it takes their lives, he will be taken through his guilt, but his blood from the hand of the watchman I will seek.’ 7 “And you, son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; if you hear a word from my mouth, then you must warn them from me.

Ezekiel 33:2–7 (LEB)

I felt the Lord was speaking this directly to me. I was very surprised. I remembered Ezekiel 14 and I also recalled one other time in my life where the Lord had used a similar passage in Ezekiel 3 to tell me that He was making me a watchman/witness for a particular situation and that I had to get involved. I did not want to get involved, but I was convicted that it was necessary. I did get involved and after some labor the situation was addressed in a very good way. My witness in that situation was necessary.

It is never a fun thing to be involved by God as a watchman (or witness). It usually means having to speak up on God’s behalf in a situation that is challenging.

I am careful when I believe that I hear something from God like this to handle it with care. I did so with this passage as I have done with the entire topic of famine. Without sharing the details, over a period of time I was convinced that the Lord was setting me as a watchman to share with others. However, I did not yet understand that He was asking me to share with others about famine.

April 6th, 2021 – While Processing Ezekiel 33 (Isaiah 3)

During the time that I was reviewing Ezekiel 14 and Ezekiel 33 and working to ensure that I was hearing accurately and to try to understand the scope of responsibility I had before the Lord to share with others the Lord woke me one morning and brought me to Isaiah 3.

1 For look, the Lord Yahweh of hosts is removing every source of support from Jerusalem and from Judah: all of the supplies of bread and all of the supplies of water, 2 mighty warrior and man of war, judge and prophet, and diviner and elder, 3 captain of fifty and the honorable men of rank, and counselor and skillful magicians and skillful enchanter.

Isaiah 3:1–3 (LEB)

It was at this point, that I started to realize that God was pointing at the food (and water) supply. I went back to Ezekiel 14 and noticed several things, but specifically that He was going to break the food (and water) supply. It didn’t fully impact me yet, but it was starting to come into focus.

April to July – Working on My Response to Ezekiel 33

For the next few months, the Lord led me to revisit a number of things He had shared with me in the past along with what I had written down about them. In some cases, He had given me the opportunity to prepare and share a message to others in a church environment about the things I was understanding. For other things, I had just taken them in prayer and fellowship with the Lord, but I had also captured notes and information about what He was showing me and what I was understanding. This covered a period from September 11th, 2001 until the present. I had never gone back and revisited these things before, so I was surprised to find that a number of items related to things the Lord was sharing with me in advance of their occurrence. It was not all of them, just some. Each one of them was larger in scope and I realized they applied to the whole nation.

The main reason I was revisiting these items was because I had understood that if God was really setting me as a watchman to sound the trumpet then He had probably already been showing me things earlier in my walk with Him. I began to form a timeline with these various things and to summarize them. I have packaged some of them for sharing with others, but other things I had seen and understood I only have in note form.

July – Famine in the Land (Genesis 26:1), Trip to West Coast

Two different times in early to mid-July, the Lord brought me to Genesis 26:1.

1 And there was a famine in the land, besides the former famine which was in the days of Abraham. And Isaac went to Abimelech, king of the Philistines, to Gerar.

Genesis 26:1 (LEB)

So, by mid-July, God had spoken through three different passages on four different occasions. In Genesis 26:1, it is unmistakable… famine.

By this point, I had started to ask the Lord for witnesses to what I was hearing. I have found that with very important matters, He will give independent witnesses to verify what you think you are hearing from Him. I also began more specifically seeking out others who would pray about this and let me know if they had any understanding from the Lord that indicated I was not hearing Him properly.

I found no one who had any witness or understanding against what I was hearing. These are people who I trust to listen closely to the Lord while setting aside their own personal preferences and viewpoints.

In addition, my family had scheduled to take a trip to the west coast to visit with some family members. Our trip started in southern Oregon and then we proceeded by car down the California coast line to San Francisco. From there we went to Yosemite National Park before return to the east coast. About 12-13 years before I had taken a trip starting in Portland and had traveled down the coast to southern California. So, we were traveling the same stretch of road from southern Oregon to San Francisco 12-13 years later.

In southern Oregon everything seemed normal. We were near one of the main rivers in southern Oregon. It was healthy. We had decided to visit Crater Lake National Park. I had wanted to go there for many years and this was my first real chance. We took a day trip to Crater Lake where I found out several facts that I had never previously known. Crater Lake holds 5 trillion gallons of water at an elevation of 6,000+ feet of elevation. It sheds about 34-36 billion gallons of water per year through evaporation and seepage down through the mountain and into the river system below. These 34-36 billion gallons of water are replenished every year, so it maintains a healthy supply even though it is at the top of a mountain. Part of its watershed feeds a river in southern Oregon which I had been seeing and was healthy. So, southern Oregon has a monstrous water tank with multi-year reserve of water that was keeping the water supply healthier in that area.

Several days later, we left southern Oregon and traveled the same path I had 12-13 years before. We immediately began to encounter something very different than southern Oregon. I distinctly remember the rivers in northern California along the path we traveled because they were amazing rivers flowing down through the mountains. These same rivers were nearly dry. Some of them appeared to be completely dry, but most had a very small amount of water flowing at a slow rate. All the way to San Francisco, I did not see any healthy rivers. In the San Francisco area we visited with some friends. They told us there had been no rain and none expected until the end of the year at the earliest. We went on to Yosemite National Park. There was water to feed the waterfalls. They were completely dry. The famous Mirror lake was nearly gone. We hiked to it for my daughter to take pictures. She had to work hard to get pictures with water in them. There was one river that came through Yosemite that had some water. That was it.

As we traveled, I began researching the drought situation in the western United States. I had not previously looked at it. As I researched, I began to realize how serious the drought was. Scientists are now claiming it is becoming a mega-drought in the western United States.

August to September

During the months of August and September the Lord led me to work on something completely different and I had several other personal things which were all consuming and could not be delayed. By the end of July, beginning of August I had reached the point I was ready to share what I had understood about famine coming to the United States. I knew I did not have a way to share with a broad audience, but I was ready. It was impossible for me to get it done due to several factors. Several things happened during these two months which affected what I would share and how I would share it.

Late September – Additional Confirmations

By September, there was one item that needed to finish before I could share about famine. I completed it. Once it was done, I had more clarity about how to share about famine with others. By this time, I was convinced that famine was coming, but my resolve to share it with many others was not extremely strong. To share with others in a country like the United States that something like famine is coming is not something that people want to hear. It is also something that can put you in a new category with family, friends and acquaintances of being of unsound mind. It is not something you do lightly.

However, I was convinced and I sat down to write down what I have come to understand and believe is coming. I sat down on a Saturday morning and began to compose this writing. As I did, I said to the Lord that I did not feel like I had enough valid and independent witnesses to really share this message broadly.

Food Supply Chain Professional

My interaction with the Lord in the morning about wanting more valid and independent witnesses happened around 9am in the morning. By 4:30pm in the afternoon, Spirit of God had pretty miraculously led me to meet an expert in food supply systems. This person’s job was in the realm of food supply chains in the United States specifically working to re-localize some of the food supply chain under contract to a department of the US government. This is a small government program, not a large effort by the government. I had never met this person before and the series of events that led to our meeting and subsequent conversation were beyond coincidence. After first hearing that this person’s career field was in food supply systems, I asked this person a specific question. I did not want to say anything that might color his inputs by further discussion without asking this question. I asked him, “do you believe it is possible for us (the United States) to get through the next 1-5 years without some kind of significant event related to food supply?”. He said, “no” he did not think it was possible and that something was on the horizon unless there was some significant rain in the western United States. He did not know the timing or the scope of the problem, but felt that something was going to happen and that the experiences with COVID-19 and how the supply chains for various goods should have informed the country that something could happen to the food supply as well.

We conversed further and it further confirmed what God had been sharing with me. So, I knew God had given me a “valid” and “independent” witness on the same day I asked for it.

It is important for me to note that I do not trust in the inputs of a man. I trust what God has said, but God provided me with this kind of witness to indicate that the conditions for famine are ripe at this time. It may happen that rain will come to the western United States and famine comes at another time or another way in the near future. So, I believe what God is telling me even if it happens a bit later or in some other way. I have learned to hear and obey. I do not walk by my own sight or observations.

Two Days Later, Two Trustworthy Believers, Two Dreams

After everything already shared, I was convinced. I was already starting to write something to share with others. I felt the Lord had provided me with ample witnesses. Then this happened.

A faithful brother in Christ whom I fellowship with on a regular basis contacted me via text to see how I was doing. We began texting one another. During our text exchange, I felt to summarize some of the key passages of Scripture God had shared with me throughout the year. There had been two themes God had been sharing with me during the year. One of them was famine. I shared the timing and the scripture references I had received from God. It is important to note that I had already shared with this brother about famine in the United States in a very specific way a few months before while I was still “testing” what I had been hearing. The only difference this time was that I shared the specific timing and the specific passages God had used to share with me.

This brother replied with a “wow”. He then proceeded to tell me that his wife had been receiving communications from the Lord that matched with what I was sharing. I asked him to be specific about what she had received and anything about the timing when she received it. He shared a dream the Lord had given her repeatedly (more than once) and her interpretation of the dream. When I heard the dream, it could not be mistaken as anything but famine. She also saw that the water supply would be affected.

To say the least, I was stunned. I knew I had already specifically fellowshipped with this brother about famine and he had not shared the things his wife had received. I began to realize why later in the day, but that is not terribly important. It is enough to say that God didn’t want us to fully communicate about this until this point in time.

A little bit later on the same day, this brother told me that I should also contact his adult daughter to hear what God had shown her regarding famine in the United States. Later in the day, I contacted her. She recounted a different dream the God had given her. She had interpreted her dream to be about famine in the United States and that she needed to be faithful to prepare in advance. She also shared with me that she had her dream at about the same time as her mother.

Both of their dreams happened sometime in late February, early March of this year (2021). This is the same time the Lord began speaking to me about famine! For me, it started on March 14th. I did not understand the meaning of what was being shared with me at first, but God started sharing it with me near the same time as these dreams.

From Convinced to Resolved – Sounding the Alarm

I know there will be a wide range of reactions to information like what I am sharing here. I get it. If I received this from someone, I would be skeptical. At the same time, because of my walk with the Lord I would take the time to ask the Lord about it. I would also ask Him to make it clear to me. I tend to be someone who is pragmatic. I would review some of the information about the drought in the western United States and look into how much of our food supply would be affected by a large drought in the western United States. Based on this information, I would decide how much preparation I would do.

In my particular case, I have also had to evaluate whom I should share what I am hearing from the Lord. After God began to show me that He was looking at me as a watchman who had some level of responsibility to “sound an alarm”, I knew that I had to share at some level. As I have progressed, I have moved from convinced that I had to share with at least some others to resolved to share with as many as I can.

So, whether you want to hear it or not and whether or not you believe me, I am telling you that I believe I have heard it clearly from the Lord that we are heading for a famine in the United States. I cannot tell you when. I cannot tell you how widespread. Each of you has the ability to ask God for yourself and to come before Him in prayer asking Him to speak to your heart about this matter. I cannot tell you what you should do. I can only tell you that as a watchman standing on the wall of the city of this country, I see this coming and I am responsible before God to let you know.


Lord, please grant us mercy. I know that mercy can require repentance, so I am asking that you would give hearing to those who are willing to seek you with an honest heart. Grant us repentance for the things that are a problem from your point of view. Please grant us insight regarding this coming famine. Please energize and enable those who hear you to take the action they should take according to Your will. None of us really know what to do, so please help each one of us do our part and to listen to you and obey what you speak to each of our hearts.

There Is Always Great Hope

Since I originally wrote this, God has shifted what He is sharing with me. After six months of hearing challenging and difficult passages, the Lord began to share several passages of hope and restoration. I am sharing the references to these hopeful passages in the order God shared them with me. Each of these passages point to significant hope following judgment.

  • Isaiah 14:1-2
  • Isaiah 4:2-6
  • Ezekiel 37

Before sharing a few more links to some news articles, I want to emphasize something from my point of view. I am not sharing news articles as proof of a coming famine. I have learned to listen to the voice of the Lord and obey because of what He tells me. I do not walk by sight. These articles may seem to give some sight. They do not. They may just help you consider the possibility that what I am hearing from God has some validity, but I share them with trepidation. As modern Americans there is a great failing in us to rely on “science” and “facts”. Both of these are in quotes because they can both be very deceptive. COVID-19 should have taught us this. There is so much “science” and so many “facts” flying in every direction. It is impossible to select what is true. Some think they can study for themselves and determine accurate conclusions. Maybe you can, but I am sure of one thing. Accurate hearing of the voice of the Lord combined with appropriate obedience will always beat your “science” and your “facts” when it comes to what is most important for your life. I have testimony after testimony throughout my life where “science” and “facts” were of no use at all, but the voice of the Lord was sure, true and reliable.

I am not providing a lot of links. There are a number of articles which you can find with your own searches.

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