Don’t Be Unaware – Key Strategy of the Enemy

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100+ Years of Satan’s Strategy to Capture Your Attention

Below you will find a link to a recording of an NPR (National Public Radio) broadcast by Shankar Vedantam on his series called Hidden Brain.  This episode is called, “This is Your Brain on Ads”.  He does not speak as a christian or present anything from a christian point of view.

If you take the time to listen, I believe you will hear what I heard.  You will hear a key strategy of the Enemy of God to bring the church to a low place and to corrupt the people of the earth through a number of generations.

Some of you may hear something else that I would like to call out.  You might hear that all technology and media is bad.  I do not agree with this idea.  I see technology and media as a tool.  A tool is neither good nor bad.  It just depends on how you use the tool.  The effect of a hammer is good when used for hammering nails.  The effect of a hammer is bad when using it to strike another person.

Try to listen past issues with the “tools” and to what is being done by the enemy of God in the lives of each successive generation going back for 100+ years.

In summary, as you consider doing things the “right way” think about changing your “diet” to have more healthy food (i.e. content) and less unhealthy food (i.e. content).  You don’t have to quit all at once.  If you add more healthy stuff and less bad stuff, I believe you will find that your appetite changes and you don’t just add healthy food, but you get rid of the unhealthy food.

On this week’s radio replay, we look at the shelf life of commercials. According to University of Arizona researcher Merrie Brucks, an ad we watched when we were five years old can influence our buying behavior when we’re fifty.

“Children are vulnerable to messages that are fun and sound good. Because their minds are so open to all of that. They’re open to everything,” Merrie says.

We discuss Brucks’ research about cereal commercials in the first portion of the show. Later in the program, we delve into the history of the advertising industry with Tim Wu, author of The Attention Merchants. In his book, Wu reveals the techniques media companies have developed to hijack our attention.

“You go to your computer and you have the idea you’re going to write just one email. You sit down and suddenly an hour goes by. Maybe two hours. And you don’t know what happened,” Tim says.  “This sort of surrender of control over our lives speaks deeply to the challenge of freedom and what it means to be autonomous.”
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