Praise God Wholeheartedly

When you read the Psalms you will notice how often the psalmist bursts into praise. He praises God time and again. Of all the 66 books of the Bible, the book of Psalms contains more praises to God than any other; over 200 times the psalmists praise God.

Unquestionably, David deserves the silver medal of the praise olympics!

Only One has praised the Father more than David. “Who is that?” you may ask. The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been praising the Father since eternity past. He deserves the gold medal of the praise olympics!

Written more than two millenniums ago, David’s praises are just as fresh and up-to-date today as they were when he penned them!

Praising God never gets old, never becomes obsolete!   After this present creation disappears, praising God will continue for ever and ever. So we might just as well begin training now.

We will need some good teachers. There is none better than the Holy Spirit who dwells in us since we believed. Who else will train us? I recommend the Lord Jesus Himself as the greatest praiser of the Father. I would also propose David, prophet and king, the great psalmist of Israel.

“But David is dead!” you say.

Not really, he is with God, very much alive.

“But I can’t talk with David now!” you insist.

No. But the psalms he wrote are inspired by God. They are eternal. As you read them, the Holy Spirit will use them to train you to praise God! Read them aloud and make them YOUR VERY OWN PRAISES TO GOD! The Lord Jesus Himself will help you, if you ask Him. He is the One that takes the lead in praising the Father! Hear Him saying in Hebrews 2:12,

“I will proclaim Thy Name to My brethren, in the midst of the congregation I will sing Thy praise.”

Yes, enthusiastically and sincerely praise God! You will be amazed at what praising God will do for you!

Who knows? As you keep excelling in praising God, when the heavenly rewards will eventually be awarded, you might be the one that receives the bronze medal of the praise olympics!

From Conversing With God – Chapter 22

Updates from Cuba

Starting in the 1990’s Fred was significantly involved with Cuba.  The Lord has continued to move strongly in Cuba through many brothers and sisters in Christ including some key workers who Fred helped to disciple.  Since 2009, a project to evangelize the whole country has reached many Cubans with many new believers added to the house of God.  The work is ongoing to evangelize the entire island country.

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