National Witnesses Testify

God’s Way – Judgment Never Happens without Witnesses

There are many things seen in Old Testament law that help us understand how God thinks about things. One of God’s principles is to only execute judgment after it has been established by independent and valid witnesses. A single witness is not sufficient.

15 The testimony of a single witness may not be used to convict with respect to any crime and for any wrongdoing in any offense that a person committed; on the evidence of two witnesses or on the evidence of three witnesses a charge shall be sustained.

Deuteronomy 19:15 (LEB)

We see God apply this principle throughout the Bible. God sends various prophets in the Old Testament period to “testify as witnesses” against Israel and other nations. He always provides multiple witnesses and gives plenty of time to prove whether or not the audience He is targeting will respond and repent or harden their heart against God.

This principle of operation is not unique to Israel. It applies to each one of us individually. God gives us His Holy Spirit who testifies inside of us. We do not always listen, so God is faithful to provide the Word of God as well as other believers in our lives to give witness on His behalf.

Introduction to Witnesses

There are other witnesses than Jonathan Cahn and Dianne Reidy, but these two represent witnesses who God used at a scope which addressed the entire nation.

You can purchase and read The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn and draw your own conclusions.

As for Dianne Reidy, I realize that many people may think that Dianne Reidy may have some kinds of issues, but I do not believe she does. She just did something that was so far out of normal at a great personal risk to her career that it is easy to explain her away as having some kind of problem rather than listening to what she said. See below for a few links or search for “Dianne Reidy Stenographer” on Google to find additional information. She is not a public figure except for taking to the dias in the House of Representatives while serving as a stenographer. She spoke to and addressed the congressional representatives who have been elected by the people of the United States. She was highly respected by her colleagues and they were shocked to see what she did.

She did not say a lot, but I do believe she spoke by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I could be wrong, but I am willing to confess that what she spoke witnessed with me as a true witness for God.

I continued to check in on her for a number of years using news articles and YouTube. Several years later she and her husband posted a YouTube video where her husband completely backed her up and gave witness that he knew that God had sometimes used his wife to speak to others by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He supported her from the very beginning and disagreed with anyone that tried to claim she had some kind of mental issues.

Before you discount Dianne Reidy, just remember that God has used various people to speak prophetically who have been written off by those who should be listening. Their failure to heed is subsequently shown to be their error not the error of the one who seemed to speak out of turn according to the rules of men.

Jonathan Cahn – The Harbinger Book

Jonathan Cahn through The Harbinger Book gives witness about significance of 9/11/2001 and how it represented communication from God about the United States of America.

Dianne Reidy – Speaks from Dias of the House of Representatives

Dianne Reidy from the Dias of the House of Representatives (Location of State of Union Speech) and gives witness about nation when US government shutdown ended Oct 16-17, 2013.
News Article 1 (The Beast), News Article 2 (USA Today)

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