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Isaiah 58 – Sacrificial Service for God’s Attention

The following verses became a theme for me starting in Memorial Day weekend 2016. These verses have not left me as a theme since that time and they have become a theme that I strongly believe applies to others in the United States. I now think of this passage as a “call to sacrificial service”

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National Witnesses Testify

God’s Way – Judgment Never Happens without Witnesses

There are many things seen in Old Testament law that help us understand how God thinks about things. One of God’s principles is to only execute judgment after it has been established by independent and valid witnesses. A single witness is not sufficient.

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Digging into Authority in the Church

In the Spring of 2012, we moved from a rental apartment in Charlottesville, Virginia to a rental house about 10 miles outside of Charlottesville. As part of this move, we decided to look around for a new church closer to our new location. Just after we completed the move, I was praying one day and asking the Lord what I should be doing.

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