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Fred Malir was born in Czechoslovakia in 1923, as a child, his family moved to Montevideo, Uruguay, where he grew up.  Fred became a believer in God through Jesus Christ as a young man and began his life-long journey following the Lamb of God.  At age 37, God led him to the United States to meet his soon to-be-wife, Ann.  Ann had become a believer at a young age and learned from her Christian father how to live by faith, trusting God for practical provision and guidance.

Over six decades of following Jesus, Fred traveled to fifty countries, including many Spanish-speaking countries in the Western Hemisphere.  In the latter years of Fred’s service to the Lord, he began to write and publish a series of short books in English and Spanish to give away.  The Lord faithfully provided the means for Fred to freely distribute his writings to others.

In addition to Fred’s many travels to many different countries, the Lord prepared a special work for Fred related to Cuba.  In 1959, when Cuba went under communist control, Fred and Ann began praying for the people of Cuba.  In 1990, the Lord opened a door for Fred to travel to Cuba with Ann and preach.  Over the next twelve years, God sent Fred on thirteen separate trips to Cuba.  After his first few trips, Fred met a key brother in Christ, who had been in the Communist government but converted to Christ not long before meeting Fred.

Fred’s books, many of which are captured on this website in blog format, have been printed and distributed widely in Cuba.

Fred went to be with the Lord in January 2017.  The Lord faithfully transitioned the important work in Cuba to other brothers and sisters in Christ in the final years of Fred’s life.

More About Fred’s Books

All of Fred’s books came out of experiencing God. In 1961, after seeing how much his testimony and love story with Ann was a blessing to congregations wherever he preached, Fred wrote their story in a booklet. Eventually, Jeff, a Christian brother, read it, liked it, and printed the first edition of many printings of A Christian Love Story, describing the amazing way in which God answered Fred’s prayer to find a Christ-filled wife.

Later, Fred began to feel that the Lord wanted him to write Christian books, but he felt inadequate because he didn’t think that he had the proper training. God reminded him that John, a mere Jewish fisherman, had written several books of the Bible: the Gospel of John, 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John, and the grand finale of the Bible, the book of Revelation.

As God revealed much to him about Christ as the Bridegroom and the church as the bride, Fred increasingly preached on this theme and on marriage from God’s point of view. Also, during his life, Fred went through much suffering until God caused him to learn to live in the joy of the Lord. This enabled him to help Christians learn to live in Christ and let Christ live in them so that what they did was Christ doing it in them, for them, through them, to the heavenly Father’s glory. Out of his increasingly joyful experience of Christ came his book, Joy!—Enjoy being at least 1000 times happier, which Jeff also printed. Jeff and his wife were greatly blessed by reading it, and she said: “Everybody in the church should read this book!”

During 1982 to 1984, Fred preached and taught in congregations in the U.S. and abroad. He had many more wonderful experiences with the Lord. He wrote about these experiences in a series of separate articles. Eventually, they became material for several more short books.

In 1985, he went with a large number of Christians to preach in the Dominican Republic. After exiting the airport terminal, all the others got into waiting cars for the trip to the hotel while Fred prayed about getting the right driver. He suddenly panicked, thinking that he had missed the last car. Then, a Dominican came up to him who was actually the last driver. As he took Fred to his destination, they enjoyed lively fellowship, and Fred discovered he was a printer! The driver was so distressed by the evil rise of sexual aberrations in Latin America that he got profoundly interested in the Fred’s Spanish manuscript on Christian marriage. He proceeded to print it for Fred in the Dominican Republic, and that became Fred’s first book printed in Spanish.

A Brazilian author who read The Joy of Marriage in English was so blessed by it that she translated it into Portuguese and printed a beautiful edition in a city called Vitoria, in the state of Spiritu Santo, Brazil. The names of that Brazilian state and city actually mean “Victory in the Holy Spirit.”

Over the years, Fred’s writings have become a blessing to thousands of readers. In 2005, Fred and Ann gave the responsibility to others in Cuba for the printing and distributing in Cuba of the following titles of his that were in Spanish:

Included with Permission on This Site

  • Talking with God (What God speaks to you in His Word, you speak to Him in prayer)
  • Praying God’s Word (To help you talk with God in His Own Words)
  • Dialogues with God (Enjoy lively dialogues with God)
  • Conversing with God (Listen to the Father talking with His Son)
  • Communing with God (The many in history that have talked with Him)

Other Books

  • The Joy of Marriage
  • Joy!—Enjoy being at least 1000 times happier
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