After 9/11 (Tom Daschle & The Harbinger)

Next Day (Sept 12th) – Tom Daschle quotes Isaiah 9:10

This speech introduced a Joint Resolution of Congress expressing the condemnation of the attacks and resolve of the Government and the people to stand together united against those who attacked the United States.

Tom Daschle Speech – September 12, 2011

Tom Daschle did not understand the passage he was speaking. Israel is speaking in pride and arrogance of heart against God to announce “we will rebuild”. He intended to share it as a meaningful verse with a positive intent. He was actually confirming something very different. “We will rebuild” has been echoed by our national leadership in other speeches since Tom Daschle’s speech. Each time, they are affirming our prideful condition as a nation.

Following Months

Over the next number of months as I considered the events of Sept 11th and the words of Tom Daschle, I began to research a few different topics. I had begun to realize that the idea of the United States of America as a “Christian Nation” or a “Nation Under God” might be based on deception.

My research led me back to the events that happened at the foundation of the United States government in 1789. I learned quite a bit about George Washington and other founding fathers. I came to a tentative conclusion that there was something wrong in the foundation of the United States government from the Lord’s point of view. I did not have a fully clear picture, but I did have a clear understanding before the Lord that there were significant problems in what happened in the foundation of the United States government in 1789. My measuring stick is different than some. Years ago, the Lord began teaching me how to look at various things from His point of view. I do not claim to have perfected this approach, but whenever He gives me light and helps me to understand His perspective from the Bible I am enabled to look at our current time with a new perspective.

September 2011: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

I once was a big book reader, but over the years I have read less books. However, in 2012 I came across The Harbinger and felt prompted to read it. For me, it was a very fast read because I was astounded to find that a good number of items that I had researched in 2001 and 2002 related to the September 11th attacks. Jonathan Cahn covered a number of subjects that I had not considered, but I was still amazed to find that someone else had looked at the events of September 11th, 2001 the same way I had.

In summary, The Harbinger clarified and confirmed my previous tentative conclusion. Something went wrong in the foundation of the United States government from the Lord’s point of view.

The easiest way I have learned to describe it is with a simple analogy. Imagine a bag filled with several different things. Some things in the bag are good. Some things in the bag are bad. It is a mixed bag. Deciphering that which is good from that which is bad requires a shift to God’s point of view and light (i.e. revelation) from God. In subsequent posts, I will share more about a few key “national” idols that I believe were setup in the founding period of time of the United States government. These are conceptual idols which are, in a sense, “worshipped”

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