A. Layman’s Story of Cuba & The Lord’s Speaking


If you haven’t already read The Story Behind Layman’s Fellowship please consider doing so before you proceed. It will help set a backdrop for what I share in this posting.

This posting is an index to other posts and additional materials for review (YouTube videos, etc). I attempt to establish a timeline and overview through this post which may give you a sense of progression that portrays my experience. It is my desire to communicate to each reader an important idea. The Lord is moving ahead towards the conclusion of time and the process is intensifying. We are approaching (I do not know how near) the long anticipated end times and transition to the millennial reign of Jesus Christ. I predict no timings. I don’t know them, but if you are a student of the Bible then you know it is clear that conditions on the earth are intensifying and moving towards the end times.

The contents of this posting are shared without any sense of personal credit. The material things I have, the spiritual things I have and the experiences I have are a gift from the Lord. Even the bad experiences are a gift. The only credit I can take is that I have tried (not consistently, not very well many times) to say “amen, Lord” and to follow Him one step at a time.


In the fall of 2019, it will be 10 years since my journey of being involved with the Lord’s work in Cuba began. In this time many things have happened and I have been witness to the amazing work of God in Cuba. I have had the honor and privilege of being closely associated with a project to evangelize all of Cuba. I have been blessed to meet and be related to some amazing believers in God through Jesus Christ from Cuba.

At the same time and throughout my walk with the Lord over the past 30 years, I have experienced a significant amount of personal communication from God. Different people refer to this different ways. Some people call it the “God’s voice”, others call it the “speaking of the Lord” or even the “word of the Lord”. There are other ways to refer to it. In summary, it is communication from God to us.

With this experience, I have learned that we can hear the Lord. We can also misinterpret what we are hearing and end up in various levels of deception. I have experienced several variations of hearing and mishearing over time.

So, now, I am going to begin to weave these two things together.

  1. My experience of being involved (from a distance) in an amazing work of the Lord in Cuba
  2. Specific communication from the Lord that I have begun to realize should be shared with a greater audience of believers in God through Jesus Christ.



  • Move to Washington, DC area (Northern Virginia)
  • Met Fred & Ann Malir. Fred would introduce me to the work of the Lord in Cuba and end up passing some responsibility for this work to me in 2009/10.
  • Personal speaking from the Lord that was moving towards getting involved in Cuba


  • (Summer) Introduction to Lord’s Work in Cuba
    • Two Men (One from USA, One from Cuba) from Two Cities (Church in Philadelphia, Church in Laodicea)
  • (Fall) Move to Charlottesville, VA
  • (Fall) Baton for Cuba passed from Fred Malir to Matt Anderson. At the same time God sets new direction from Ministry to Poor & Needy to Evangelizing Cuba
    • Agree to once a year report of the results of the Evangelization Project
  • Attend New Hope Church for ~2 years


  • Attend New Hope Church



  • (Spring) Move to Crozet, VA area






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