Balancing our View Point – Commands Between Believers Do Exist


When reading new perspectives and points of view than what I have previously heard or understood, I always look for balance in the presentation.  I look for an author to present balance to their own viewpoint because it helps me to have some sense that they are sober-minded in their approach to scripture and study.

There are very few subjects that are truly black and white.  The ones that are don’t typically have to be written about.  For the subjects that are not black and white (in the gray zone), it is good to find balance.  The subjects of leadership, authority, submission & obedience are definitely in the gray zone and deserving of balance.

In the introduction of this site, it is presented that the material on this site is presenting a point of view that is under represented on these important subjects of leadership, authority, submission & obedience.  In essence, this means there is not a lot of information presented that is from countering viewpoints.

One of the key items studied and presented on this site is the issue of command authority of believers over other believers.  Specifically command authority of ones leading over other believers.  There is information presented that demonstrates that the various Greek words for commanding are rarely used in the text of the Bible between believers.  This article will show that there are two types of cases where Greek words for command that signify ordering someone with the expectation of obedience are used.

The two types of cases to be explored in this writing are:

  1. Commanding those who are not working for their own provision (i.e. food and shelter) to work for their own provision
  2. Commanding those who are disciples to do what the Lord has revealed as His will for their lives.  In other words, commanding in line with the Lord’s specific will expressed to a particular individual.

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