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Graphical Roadmap to Layman's Fellowship


Submission and Obedience - Same or Different? Delegation and Delegated Authority Defining Power and Authority Key Relationships with Authority Define Your Terms Introduction to Church Leadership Background on Church Models Is Orderly Worship Controlled by a Few Leaders in Christian Meetings 1 Th 5:12 - What Does Rule Over You Really Mean Romans 13:3 - Submitting to Governing Authorities includes Church Leaders Singular Leaders to Support Church Hierarchy in NT Hebrew 13:17 - Key Verse to Support Improper Leadership Concepts Appeals to Moses' Authority to Support Concepts of Delegated Authority Balance - Commands Between Believers Do Exist Eph 4:11-16 - Leadership that Deletes Itself Not of Command, But Out of Love - God's Way is Helping, Not Demanding Punishment in the Bible - Evidence of Limitations of Authority on Those Leading Authority of Church Leadership - How Much is Delegated Direct Teaching from Jesus on Disciples Relationship