kurieuo (greek) – Strong’s 2961

kurieuo (verb) – rule, lord, master

In Laymans Terms

This is the kind of ruling and dominion which includes the idea of command authority and domination of one person over another person. This is the strong form of rule in which a person loses any freedom of choice to the one exercising this type of rule.

From Strong’s Lexicon

  1. to be lord of, to rule, have dominion over
  2. of things and forces
    1. to exercise influence upon, to have power over

Strong, J. (2001). Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

From Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

“to be lord over, rule over, have dominion over” (akin to A, No. 2), is used of (a) divine authority over men, Rom. 14:9, “might be Lord”; (b) human authority over men, Luke 22:25, “lordship,” 1 Tim. 6:15, “lords” (RV, marg., “them that rule as lords”); (c) the permanent immunity of Christ from the “dominion” of death, Rom. 6:9; (d) the deliverance of the believer from the “dominion” of sin, Rom. 6:14; (e) the “dominion” of law over men, Rom. 7:1; (f) the “dominion” of a person over the faith of other believers, 2 Cor. 1:24 (RV, “lordship”).

Vine, W. E., Unger, M. F., & White, W., Jr. (1996). Vol. 2: Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words (180). Nashville, TN: T. Nelson.

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