ktisis (greek) – Strong’s 2937

ktisis (noun) – creature, creation, building, ordinance

From Strong’s Lexicon

  1. the act of founding, establishing, building, etc
    1. the act of creating, creation
    2. creation, i.e. thing created
      1. of individual things, beings, a creature, a creation.
    3. institution, ordinance

Strong, J. (2001). Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

From Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

“a creation, creature,” is translated “ordinance” in 1 Pet. 2:13. See CREATE, B, No. 1. NOTE: In 1 Cor. 11:2, KJV, paradosis, “a tradition” (marg., and RV, “traditions”), is translated “ordinances.”

Vine, W. E., Unger, M. F., & White, W., Jr. (1996). Vol. 2: Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words (451). Nashville, TN: T. Nelson.

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