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The word studies on this site are done using the Lexham English Bible (LEB).  This is not a common translation.  It was chosen because it is a cleaner translation when studying Greek words/clauses alongside English words/clauses.  It is closer to what is called a “Concordant Literal” translation of the Bible.  Rather than varying the use of English words based on context more freely, a Concordant Literal translation attempts to select a single English word (or maybe just a few words) for each Greek word and then consistently use it whenever it occurs in the original text of the Bible.  This cannot be done perfectly, but this consistently allows the reader to begin to make better mental mappings from English to Greek.  A more strict Concordant Literal version of the Bible can be a bit clunkier to read.  The LEB overcomes this by trying to still be readable while also maintaining a closer relationship to the original text.

Here is a small statement from the LEB foreword which gives a sense of it’s purpose among all the various translations available:

“unparalleled…transparency with the original language text…. It was produced with the specific purpose of being used alongside the original language text of the Bible. Existing translations, however excellent they may be in terms of English style and idiom, are frequently so far removed from the original language texts of scripture that straightforward comparison is difficult for the average user…. The ability to make such comparisons easily in software formats…makes the need for an English translation specifically designed for such comparison even more acute.”

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