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After going through Fred Malir’s blog entries one time which took a bit over 2 years (once a week), this feed began. It may not be as consistent (weekly) as Fred Malir’s blog, but the intention is to create postings on a semi-regular basis.


This feed will include a variety of entries which may come from more than one author. It is called A. Layman’s feed because it is written under the pseudonym of Alan Layman or Ani Layman. That is A. Layman. Alan Layman is usually me (Matt Anderson), but may be others who co-author with me. I will store information about authorship on the page in some form. Additionally, Ani Layman (also aka A. Layman) may be various other authors who complete primary authorship of various posts.

Here are a few of the key topics you may see from this feed:

  • Inspirational blog entries
  • Entries about Leadership, Authority, Submission & Obedience (a key subject of this site)
  • Possible Prophetic entries (test everything for yourself, keep that which is good – 1 Thessalonians 5:21)
    • “Prophetic” is not intended to mean telling the future. It is speaking from the Lord which might include some aspects of the future, but that is not the goal. The goal is to build up the church and to speak the truth of what is on God’s mind and heart.
  • Periodic updates about the Lord’s work in Cuba

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